Well hello there.

Welcome to my blog. There will likely be some relatively random content here for a while. Please enjoy the chaos.

A Journey to Somewhere

A Journey to Somewhere

Yeah. So I got fired. Unceremoniously dumped. Escorted out of the building. We'll send you your stuff. That was fun.

And now I have to decide what to do next. I was already on the path to part-time work with my previous employer and want to continue in that direction. I've now been unemployed for about five weeks, and I can't see going back to full-time work. My husband and I are thankful that is a viable option. Well, he might not be so thankful :)

For me, this blog is the beginning of the journey. I have no idea what the destination is, but the title of the blog - A Journey to Somewhere - is hopeful. I'll write about daily stuff and longer-term stuff. Successes and opportunities for growth (i.e., failures, but nicer). Boredom and over-excitement. Things I've learned, things I want to learn, and things I wish I could un-learn.

Today, I was on a literal journey to somewhere (it was Starbucks) and took lots of photos as I walked along. In Texas, it is wildflower season (also ridiculous-levels-of-pollen season), so everything seems new and full of possibility. There were flowers starting to bloom, "flowers" that were really weeds, new leaves on seemingly dead trees. I'm going to internalize that, rest in it, rejoice in it, and move forward with it.


What's your dream?